Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God… Ps 48:1

We are residents of the City of Independence who out of our love for Our God, Raise Our Signs to Him.

★ This could be your city.★

If you love God and love your city, this is an opportunity for all believers of YOUR City who choose to do so, to peacefully DECLARE, PROCLAIM, and SHOUT that your “City is the City of Our God” and your city “Stands for One Nation Under God.”

Since beginning this endeavor on September 21st, we have seen miracles in our communities. For 50 days we pushed to start this initiative, and now the signs are spreading, and so is God’s Word! We invite ALL BELIEVERS EVERYWHERE to stand together and declare our cities for God.

Perhaps your city will experience some of these blessings too:

  • The signs have been instrumental in awakening the city to a remembrance of our God.
  • Many people have shared how encouraging it has been to see the signs as a reminder to pray for our city and for our nation.
  • An increasing number of citizens and neighbors have begun praying together on a regular basis. We encourage you to contact a few of your neighbors and pray specifically for your homes and families, your block, and your neighborhood. There is power in prayer.
  • The Endeavor has emboldened people to stand up for their faith and their love for God.
  • Many people have been reached that otherwise may have been missed.
  • It is an Endeavor of Hope many people have shared the hope that has been rekindled in our city.
  • Many residents have expressed their gratitude for the Endeavor because more of their neighbors and strangers stopped and asked them about their sign in the yard they met more of their neighbors.
  • There have been requests from people outside of Independence. There are now signs in Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty, Kansas City, Columbia, and Springfield and more to come!

Actual Signs!