“The City of Our God”

September 6, 2020 (Elul 17)

In the early morning hours in that state between asleep and awake, the Lord brought to my remembrance events I had not previously been allowed to remember. It was not a dream or a vision, but a vivid remembrance.

I was overhead, looking down, as well as in the streets of our great city. I saw billboards in and throughout the City of Independence. Every billboard I saw proclaimed in some way this city’s belief in God. Some said, “THIS CITY IS THE CITY OF OUR GOD.” Others said, “THIS CITY STANDS FOR ONE NATION UNDER GOD.” And others stated in large print, “THIS CITY HONORS THE ONE TRUE GOD” or “THIS CITY BELIEVES IN GOD,” and many more declarations of belief in God.

I then saw smaller signs in the storefronts and building windows, schools, restaurants, and churches. I saw in the yards of believers throughout the entire City of Independence, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of signs. My vision extended block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood where various yard signs boldly stood proclaiming the resident’s belief in God and their belief in Independence as the CITY OF OUR GOD.

The signs were not fancy. There were no logos or designs, no indication of who had placed them there. They were simply individual statements of belief in God. The authors were anonymous, known only to God. It was an overwhelming united statement that Independence is the CITY OF OUR GOD. Some were printed while others were handmade, but all carried the same message. The sheer volume of signs was an overwhelming sight. The hope grew within me that this great city could make such a beautiful, bold statement for our God.

Though many differences still existed among the residents of Independence, MO, one message was shared. With a united voice, they proclaimed that this great City of Independence is the CITY OF OUR GOD. The city was full of the strength of the Lord!

I saw a very small group of people starting what appeared to be a groundswell. People understood the dire situation our city faced. They realized our calling to be a City of Refuge—a City of our God. The message spread quickly. With the message came the hope that no matter what the nation of the USA decided, Independence would stand and would be a refuge for those who believed in the One True God.

I share this with you and encourage you to pray about the confirmation of its truthfulness. Please help us spread the vision for this great city as the Lord prompts you. It will take everyone willing to make this CITY OF OUR GOD a reality. I hope and pray we are up to the task. Our great city may depend upon it. For our city’s sake, we must not stay silent!

~ Brenda Van Fleet