Having had the signs in my possession a week on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon I knew it was the day to offer signs to my friends, neighbors. I starte[d] on my block with 10 signs. As I started around the corner I placed one at the main thoroughfare with the owner’s permission and request to offer a prayer for their land and their safety. My husband and I together put the sign in the ground and offered prayer over the land together And over the people. Then I continued down my street knocking on each door holding a sign in my hand so they knew what I was offering them. 10 signs were placed in my neighborhood that day by the requests of my neighbors with prayers offered over each family and home. The smiles on the faces of my neighbors when I showed them the signs was just beyond belief. They were so joyful and so happy to have them. The response has been wonderful as I would talk to friends they would say that they had seen the signs. Even down to the last day people have been request.

It was a Marvelous, marvelous experience to be allowed to show the sign in our own yard but also be able to see them throughout the city I know the Lord had a hand in this and I know that it was for his purpose and hopefully it will be dispersed throughout the nation.

~ S.E.

Well, first of all, the sign brings a lot of friendly waves and nods if I outside and cars go by or walkers.

It had caused people to ask for the signs as I’ve heard that they feel this is the time to show your beliefs togetherness in the teaching of the Bible and the Book of Revelations.

People have returned to prayer that haven’t prayed in some time.

Our city is unique and Gods presence is here!

~ J.T.

I’ve been sick for a couple [of] weeks and inside so I haven’t had any feedback from people going by. I’m sure it must touch hearts. It gives me encouragement to look at it as I’m looking out the window and knowing that our God is in control and this is His city. What a comfort in these trying times we live in. God bless you for responding to His directions. I told Elayna about the signs and Homer took her out for a drive and she saw the signs in yards. They are making a difference. Don’t know if you can use any of this but it sure helps me.

I’m glad. They are such an upliftment.

~ S.H.

Driving around our city and seeing the billboard signs and yard signs, participating in sign painting parties, and circling up in prayer with others has been so powerful to me and a true joy. Declaring this land and [the] city has been a wonderful step in unification for so many neighbors and friends. We continue to lift our voices in prayer together…this city is the city of our God!!

~ D.N.

“The City of Our God” endeavor has been a blessing to me. From the evening my husband and I were first told about it, we felt the Lord confirming that it was a righteous cause. My husband even felt that this was much like the blood on the doorposts of the houses during Passover, the people’s statement of claiming Christ as their Savior. As I have shared the endeavor, many have told me what a blessing it has been for them and others who have passed by. Each time I drive around town, it lifts my spirit to see so many participating. I can only imagine if each believer had the conviction to make the statement [about] how filled with signs the city would be. During these tumultuous times, it is such a breath of fresh air to see a positive message. We pray that the Spirit of God will continue to move among the citizens in revival, that they will have a great desire to make this very important statement, and that this city will be a strong example of a God-fearing city to our nation and the world.

~ C.S.

Because of the quarantine, while on my way to a long-awaited doctor’s appointment, imagine how encouraging it was to emerge from my street and see dozens of yard signs throughout my neighborhood: “THIS IS THE CITY OF OUR GOD” and “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” and “THIS CITY STANDS FOR FAITH IN GOD.” Not one block, not two blocks, but several neighborhoods worth of signs! After my doctor’s appointment, I drove another way home and saw more signs. So, I drove on—past my house into other neighborhoods, still seeing these encouraging signs. What a wonderful outing it was, to see our city blanketed with declarations of faith in God – the One who can hear our prayers and bring healing to our land. “If My People, who are called by My Name will humble themselves … and pray…” [2 Chronicles 7:14] I shared the excitement with my family in other cities and other states, and now they are making signs of their own and hoping to see their hometown yards blanketed with this hopeful message as well. May God bless all those who honor and trust Him enough to declare their faith – in their own yard!

~ N.B.

The vision God gave Brenda concerning billboards and yard signs declaring Our City is the City of Our God all over town, immediately grabbed hold of me. There was a powerful anointing of the Lord upon this campaign. I was completely “in”. This idea or thought is precisely what our city needs. It’s a big name, rather like giving a newborn baby name like Horatio, Harvey, Oliver, or Poindexter – a name to grow into. Certainly, this title is not how Independence sees herself at the moment, as we are plagued with many serious problems that speak otherwise. But the message calls us to change the things we don’t want or like about ourselves as a town. God is calling us to a better, more abundant life. Isn’t it wonderful that He hasn’t given up on us and sees great potential for all of us?

As Christians, we are commanded to declare God before all people and make known his mighty works, and this sign campaign does just that. It blesses God and He promises that those who bless Him, He will bless.

Besides the printed billboards and yard signs, I saw the many handmade signs Brenda saw in the vision and personally latched onto those. Short, encouraging phrases started coming to me, one right after the next to hand letter for car signs. The Spirit showed me the many individuals in our town who are suffering great hardship, some to the point they contemplate suicide. These signs could pull lost souls back from that edge. I felt compelled to make the signs and encourage as many people as possible to put them on their cars. It was amazing to me how many signs I was making and giving away. I’ve lost count [of] how many I have made – at least 70 so far.

From the beginning, I knew this initiative was a launch of continuing work for God’s people. I saw that it is playing a role in the Neighborhood Transformation Teamwork which the Independence Is Alive and Well Initiative began two years ago. I chair the Neighborhood Transformation Team and am so grateful that God is validating and augmenting our efforts. What better way to bless a neighborhood than to spread the good news of a loving Father God. I knew this endeavor would spread from our town to other cities. It is “contagious” because it is truth and so vital a message for this time in our nation and the world’s history. The Spirit spoke to me this morning as I headed for my daily prayer group, saying He is rejoicing to see all the billboards, yard signs, and car signs moving all over town. He says we will never know how far-reaching this blessing will go to help people who see the messages. I am so happy to be a part of such a cooperative thing as this and to know it came straight from God. What an exciting time to be alive to see God move in this way!

~ Muriel L.