We’ve Only Just Begun!
What now?

A Special “Thank You!” to all who participated in the 50 Day Launch!

Many people were skeptical and posed valid questions, only now do we have those answers.

Q. What is the point of the endeavor?

A. After the vision on September 6th and the instructions, I received to, “Step out in faith, share what I have shown you and let it spread,” my only point was to be obedient.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish?

A. My only hope and prayer going into this endeavor was that every believer in Independence would hear the vision and have the opportunity to participate if they so desired.

Q. What are your goals and plan?

A. There was no other goals or plan, however, what resulted is nothing less than a miracle in the lives of many.

Q. Why are you even doing this?

A. If you had witnessed what I saw and felt the power of God’s love radiating from your city I believe you would have responded as I did!

Q. How can you call this city the city of our God?

A. I believe as God sat in the midst of darkness He did not talk about the darkness but called for the light. So it is we believe and declare and claim the promises of God’s Word concerning our city.

Q. What about the homeless how do you think this makes them feel?

A. Many people have been reached that otherwise may have been missed. One example is Kevin, a young man who lives out of his car. When he saw the signs and magnets declaring that "Jesus is the way the truth and the life," he asked where he could get a sign. He said, "This is what I believe and I want to show everyone." The opportunity opened up, not only to give him a sign, but to assist him with needed resources.

Q. Where do we go from here?

A. Let us continue to:

  • Pray with our neighbors
  • Declare Our God to others
  • Display our signs, banners, and car magnets
  • Share our vision and testimonies.

Continue raising signs and proclaiming our God to our friends, neighbors, city, and cities across this Great Nation.

Q. Did the endeavor meet your expectations?

A. I would not change one moment or action of this endeavor! If it has touched even one heart or drawn even one person closer to God, as it has me, every moment, and every penny has been rewarded.