“May Our City Stand United”

September 7, 2020, Elul 18

After the remembrance that I experienced Sunday morning, I was praying for a second witness or confirmation. I began singing the hymn, “Let Us Pray for One Another” at the end of the song these words came out of my mouth sung to the same tune. Within minutes I had them recorded and they have served as yet another testimony of the truthfulness of what I saw. I pray they will be a strength to you as they have been to me.
~ Brenda VanFleet

As the Record of Heaven,
Is revealed within our mind.
May we reach to our Savior,
And His peace and comfort find.
As the darkness grows around us,
May the light within us shine.
And may we stand in great faith,
as a Latter-Day ensign.
Time is growing ever closer,
So, with praise lift your eyes.
As our nation falls around us,
Our God rises to our cries.
As the prophets have foretold us,
Angels at our side to aide,
He will gather out his people,
So, rejoice, be not dismayed
May we stand brave and courageous,
For the task that lies ahead.
As we place our trust in our God,
And the words that He has said.
May our city stand united,
May we show the world the way.
May Christ take His rightful place,
In the Zion of our day.