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Through the ministry and vision of Phillip Klevmoen in Montana, he has made available to us some high-quality color vinyl banners to proclaim the Hope and Need of Jesus Christ.

We have available, 3 different sizes of banners:

  • 3 styles that are 8′ x 16′ for a suggested donation of $150. (Jesus Name Above All; Jesus is Lord; Jesus is King of Kings)
  • 6 styles that are 6′ x 12′ for a suggested donation of $60.  [Choose Life (sold); King of Kings, Commandments; Jesus is Lord; JESUS-Name above all names; JESUS-King of Kings/Name above all names]
  • 8 styles that are 4′ x 8′ for a suggested donation of $35.  [My Peace I give you; Commandments; Blessed Hope Jesus;(sold) I Missed You-God; Jesus Light of the World; Your Country in Peril; King of Kings (sold) JESUS The Way, Truth and Life (sold)]

We are hoping to have people place them on private property on major thoroughfares in Independence. It is our chance to RAISE UP OUR VOICE for Jesus Christ. Let the LIGHT and HOPE of Jesus Christ be proclaimed! If He is lifted up, He will draw all men to himself (John 12:32) See the following pictures to choose from.

Contact: Email Gary Metzger to see or order. GOD BLESS the gospel of Jesus Christ in our city.

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