One Month of Signs!


September 21st was the first day we began placing signs in our yards.  It is now one month later. October 21st, with 19 days left in our endeavor.  There are approximately 400 signs that have gone up around our city and extend from Columbia, MO to Springfield, MO and even into Iowa, with numerous signs in Blue Springs, Kansas City, and Lees Summit.  The exciting part is that with each sign there has been a declaration made that “This City Stands for One Nation Under God” and “This City is the City of Our God.”  We would love for many, many more signs to go up in the next two weeks.  These are crucial times in the history of our nation and potentially our city.

Please help spread the word.  SIGNS ARE FREE, donations are accepted, but more important is getting the signs to EVERYONE desiring to make a declaration for God and for this City.

May we as BELIEVERS in the Lord our God, even Jesus the Christ; unite together in our declarations for this Great City and for Our God!  “United We Stand”

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