The first Banner has been hung close to 24 highway.  You won't miss it!  It's a beautiful declaration of JESUS, the Name Above All Names!  There are many banners still available.  May this city be blanketed with, "The Name Above All Names" and blessed by our God! There are more BANNERS Available.  Please help other BELIEVERS of our Lord Jesus Christ raise banners in this city!  Do you have a wall, fence, or area to display a banner, if so please contact us.


One Month of Signs!

  September 21st was the first day we began placing signs in our yards.  It is now one month later. October 21st, with 19 days left in our endeavor.  There are approximately 400 signs that have gone up around our city and extend from Columbia, MO to Springfield, MO and even into Iowa, with numerous signs in Blue Springs, Kansas City, and Lees Summit.  The exciting part is that with each sign there has been a declaration made that "This City Stands for One Nation Under God" and "This City is the City of Our God."  We would love for many, many more signs to go up in the next two weeks.  These are crucial times in the history of our nation and potentially our city. Please help spread the word.  SIGNS ARE FREE, donations are accepted, but more important is getting the signs to EVERYONE desiring to make a declaration for God and for this City. May we as BELIEVERS in…

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The 2nd Billboard is up!

Look!    32nd and Noland area Please let the signs serve as a reminder to pray for our city.  Everytime you see a "City of Our God" sign or any sign that lifts our God up offer a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to Him who is making it happen!  Pray for the person who made the declaration and for our city! We are rapidly approaching the half-way mark of our 50 day endeavor.  May many, many more signs be lifted up in the coming week!  Please keep sharing and thank you!

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Day 15 Over 200 Signs Rising Up!

Are you seeing the "SIGNS" rise up around Our Great City? I've been busy sharing, I hope you have too!  May we not take for granted our opportunity to blanket this great city with God's Name! Over 200 believer's homes in Independence are humbly and proudly declaring to God and to neighbors that "This City Stands for One Nation Under God!"  Please peaceably unite with other believers and place your sign in your yard or property and declare before God, "This City is the City of our God!"  Spread the vision, "United we can Stand for our God!" BELIEVE IT, DECLARE IT, SHARE IT!

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Day 5 1000 Signs!

1000 Signs arrive TODAY, 9/25/2020. Almost a week early!  Yahoo! Share with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  What is the hope that is within you? God is our hope and we are declaring that we stand for "One Nation Under God."  Stand with your neighbors and declare this city is the "City of Our God."  Raise your signs Independence!  May each sign raised be a witness for others to raise their signs of declaration to our God.

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Day 4, Group Endeavors

Day 4 and there are still a few printed signs available with the large order arriving Monday.  One group of creative residents met outside to make their own signs today!  I was told they have potentially 500 signs that can be made from leftover materials. Need more signs?  Great, that means the word is spreading!

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Day 3, More Signs are Going Up!

Start watching for SIGNS! Send in pictures of signs you see around the city, just please no locations or address visible.  We will post them on the website. When you see a sign around this city, please pause a moment and offer a prayer for that individual, for their safety, protection and for their walk with their God.  Pray that God's name will fill our city. Please share with neighbors, family and friends.  I pray all can experience their block, and their neighborhood being blanketed with God's Name and promise. Signs are still available. email or contact us through this website for special arrangements for sign pick-up if needed.

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