Please add all discussions concerning the signs here. This is no small act that you are doing.  Before you place your sign in your yard, window, or on your property please lift your voice in prayer.  Thanking God for His great mercy upon this city.  For the opportunity to declare our belief in Him.  Pray for His Almighty blessings of protection upon your family, your home, your property, the declaration, and this city.  For His Holy Spirit to penetrate and soften the hearts of all who read the signs, that our city may turn back to God.  Pray for your neighbors, co-workers, and even your enemies.  Please pray in faith, believing continuously for this city and her people.  There are those in this city that pause their labors at 11:30 am every day to lift this city up to God, please feel free to join where ever you are.  This will be a safe platform to post pictures of your signs in…

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