Day 4, Group Endeavors

Day 4 and there are still a few printed signs available with the large order arriving Monday.  One group of creative residents met outside to make their own signs today!  I was told they have potentially 500 signs that can be made from leftover materials. Need more signs?  Great, that means the word is spreading!

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Day 3, More Signs are Going Up!

Start watching for SIGNS! Send in pictures of signs you see around the city, just please no locations or address visible.  We will post them on the website. When you see a sign around this city, please pause a moment and offer a prayer for that individual, for their safety, protection and for their walk with their God.  Pray that God's name will fill our city. Please share with neighbors, family and friends.  I pray all can experience their block, and their neighborhood being blanketed with God's Name and promise. Signs are still available. email or contact us through this website for special arrangements for sign pick-up if needed.

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Banners, Billboards and Signs Throughout our Great City!

Opportunities are starting to unfold for spreading this vision for our city. Small Billboards or (Junior Posters) cost $300 for 4 weeks lease Large Billboards cost $750 for a 4-week lease 10x20 Banners may also be available for personal buildings, fences, and walls.  With 10 buildings willing to hang a banner.  The banner cost for each will be under $200. Please contact us if you are able to assist in any of these avenues of spreading the Name of our God throughout this city. Checks will be made out to the billboard or banner company and cash will be combined to pay for the lease periods between 9/28 to 11/10. If you want to order signs or to make a donation, please call 816-301-7222. Blessings to all as we unite together in this endeavor!    

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Our First Order of Signs Are Available.

OUR FIRST ORDER OF SIGNS ARE IN!!! Printed signs will be available at 124 South Main Street on the Independence Square Tonight (September 22) between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. If you are not able to pick-up a sign tonight, no worries, the large shipment of 1000 should be available later this week or next week.  Handmade signs are looking great and are serving well until the printed signs are available.  They carry the same message to God and to our fellowmen.  Watch as the signs go up around our city, pray that the prayers and repentance will increase with each sign that is raised. These are exciting times!  Please PRAY, SHARE and PRAISE HIM WHO IS MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!

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Prayers For Our City

Many of you have suggested ways to organize prayer specifically for our city. Special times or ways to unite in prayer. Matthew 18:20,  "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." We invite you to share your ideas of how as believers we may be able to unite in prayer for our God and for our City in the next 50 days of this endeavor.

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Day 2 More Signs are Being Raised for Our God!

More signs are being raised and pictures are coming in.  Please send pictures that show your raised signs.  Please cut out of the images any indication of location or owner of the signage.  These signs are about God and our City, not about any individual, group or organization.  As you pass signs in the city lift your prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving for God's mercy in providing us this beautiful opportunity!  Praise God the Signs are being planted and raised!

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We encourage you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this opportunity with everyone who has ears to hear and a heart to respond.  This is a great time to reach out to your neighbors of all faiths.  Spread the vision to the Pastors and Faith Leaders of our city, so they can share it with their congregations and groups.  For those who do not want to participate, there is no judgment, only continual loving prayers for this city and her people.

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Thank you to the Independence resident who ordered the first billboard for "The City Of Our God Independence" Endeavor. It will be exciting to see it go up.  Look for it around September 28th on 23rd Street in Independence. Praise the Lord!

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Sign Update

1000 signs have been ordered!  Praise the Lord!  They will be available for pickup next week.  Date, time and location are still to be determined.  So watch this blog for updates. If you would like to be notified when signs are available: via text leave your request with text number on (816) 301-7222 via email send your email request to Brenda VanFleet via our Contact page Thank you for your willingness to supporting this Great City and our God! Please keep sharing the vision!  Flyers are downloadable from the website at the bottom of our About page, so share, share, share! May God magnify our efforts to bring Glory to His Name in this Great City of Independence, The City of our God!

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