Banners, Billboards and Signs Throughout our Great City!

Opportunities are starting to unfold for spreading this vision for our city.

  • Small Billboards or (Junior Posters) cost $300 for 4 weeks lease

  • Large Billboards cost $750 for a 4-week lease

  • 10×20 Banners may also be available for personal buildings, fences, and walls.  With 10 buildings willing to hang a banner.  The banner cost for each will be under $200.

Please contact us if you are able to assist in any of these avenues of spreading the Name of our God throughout this city.

Checks will be made out to the billboard or banner company and cash will be combined to pay for the lease periods between 9/28 to 11/10.

If you want to order signs or to make a donation, please call 816-301-7222.

Blessings to all as we unite together in this endeavor!



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