Prayers For Our City

Many of you have suggested ways to organize prayer specifically for our city. Special times or ways to unite in prayer.

Matthew 18:20,  “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

We invite you to share your ideas of how as believers we may be able to unite in prayer for our God and for our City in the next 50 days of this endeavor.

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  1. Linda T

    I am looking forward to seeing more signs and the billboard next week. I have already seen people print signs to put in their window. This is a critical time and God is showing us things.

    In June 2019 God placed on my mind the need for citywide prayer in Independence. I really wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. In September the book City of Prayer came out. ( ) The way Austin, TX did it they recruited churches to take one day per month (churches taking different days) for people to sign up in one hour slots to pray for the city. I have talked to pastors and given out 15 books.
    The vision is not limited to just this one way and I am beginning to see more possibilities that need to be explored such as individual and organized prayer walks. This is a good example on what prayer walks can do

    Check out a resource for working with children in prayer.

    Also untapped intercessors are the elderly and those that can’t get out.

    This city needs much prayer to be what God has called it to be.

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